T r a v e l l i n g .to.dublin…

So, you’ve got a few options…

From Mainland Europe

  1. Ferry !

    If you’re coming from continental Europe, you can catch a ferry from cherbourg, france to rosslare, ireland (which is then only 2.5 hours drive to dublin -  pretty easy hitch)

    • if you buy a passenger ticket, it’s around €50-80 depending on the company and the time of year.
    • OR you can hitch into a car that is driving onto the ferry, and convince them to add you on as a passenger in their vehicle. adding a passenger is between €20–25 . (this information was accurate for someone who hitched with a car in january 2014 probably with Stenaline – THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE WIT IRISH FERRIS and maybe not brittany ferries either – Stenaline only leaves from Cherbourg)
    • or steal a bus, and pick up all the hitchhikers on their way over. a vehicle ticket is between €100 and €200 just look it up online.
  2. Fly

    yes, its fucking shit – ecologically, and having to deal with the disgustingly oppressive bureaucracy of airports and borders – but its pretty fucking cheap.

  3. hitch onto a boat making the journey. (dont know anyone whos done this from france yet, but its definitely possible.
    uh… good luck.)
  4. different options for coach/ferry ensembles – sometimes theyre pretty cheap

From the UK

So it might make sense for you to come via the UK if you’re coming from Northern Europe.
You can hitchhike the ferries at Calais, as you don’t have to pay extra to put extra folks in the car, so it’s free! Also the eurotunnel is hitchable but hard to find a spot to stand in France.
So when you arrive you’ll be on the South East coast of England, which means you still have to get across the UK to Ireland..
Or you might just live in England, Wales or Scotland, so your options are..

  1. different options for coach/ferry ensembles – sometimes theyre pretty cheap. from the UK, check out megabus , eurolines, or:
  2. rail & sail – a ticket you can buy online (its a cheap train & ferry combo ——-NOTE: someone booked a ticket for wrong date and is wondering if anyone was interested – its on wednesday (24th) – london to dublin. And they’re willing to sell it cheaper, meaning 30euros for the ticket, contact the convergence@squatte.rs email so we can put you in touch.
  3. hitch and sail (Holyhead/North Wales to Dun Laoghaire)

    so right now there’s an offer on stenalines to get here for a fiver, if you do it on a tuesday & book 2 weeks in advance. check it out here
    (it’s a return ticket but you can just skip your trip back)
    else it’s a tenner on other days of the week which is still easy enough!
    Dun Laoghaire is just in the South of Dublin, you can get public transport to the center from there/hitch a ride off the boat.

  4. hitch the boat (Holyhead/North Wales to Dublin)

    The boat is hitchable from Wales to Dublin, but security don’t like it and you’ll still have to pay a bit (between €12 and €20)

    At the port at Holyhead, wait until there’s a long line of cars and then ask the cars at the back of the queue, to avoid being seen by security. Security will ID you and try to convince cars not to take you, so it’s best if they never see you!


Please bring your dogs 🙂

Some advice on that..

You’re gonna need all your vaccinations up to date, rabies jabs and your pet microchipped. Unless you have a very small dog that can hide up your t-shirt.

From mainland Europe

You can apparently take your dog on for free on the ferry Cherbourg (France) to Rosslare (South East coast of Ireland). So if you’re hitching this ferry you might be able to bring your dog on, but it says you should book in advance..
We’d love to hear from anyone with experience of that!

Via or from the UK

So you can hitch your dogs into cars at Calais, but you’ll have to pay 15euros, and the dog will have to stay in the car for the ferry journey (which is like an hour & a half)..

Then the ferries Holyhead (north Wales) to Dublin are a bit complicated, but very possible.
If you want to travel as a foot passenger, you need a cage for your dog to travel in.
If you’re coming with a bike, you may be able to bike on with your dog and then there are cages on the boat for them to stay in for the duration (and it’s free).
If you’re hitching (or you’re driving), it’s also free with the dog, and you can leave the dog in the car or put them in the cages..
That means you have a pretty good blag for hitching (“I came as a foot passenger but can’t take my dog on so have to find a ride..!”)



So we’ve been getting some emails asking about accommodation…
there will indeed be squatty accommodation  – we ask that folks bring their own sleeping bags and sleeping mats if possible!

  • and we still will need loads of help with kitchen stuff, among other jobs – please let us know if you can volunteer!
  • also, as much as we’d love to, we can’t help people with funding to get up to dublin. if you’re able to, we suggest that you put on a fundraiser gig at your local social space/squat for you and your buds and your community to get up here!

(we’ll try and add more updates regularly as it gets closer to the date – including, eventually, info for a rendezvouz point for the event!)