Questionnaire to prepare for the ‘Changes in UK Squatting Law’ talk.

The person who is offering the talk on ‘Changes in UK Squatting Law’ has asked for folks who are interested in attending the talk to fill out and e-mail him this questionnaire so he can better prepare and round the talk for all of yous. here it is…

Hey everyone! I’m writing a talk for the International Squatter’s Convergence in late September on the changes in the England and Wales squatting law, and was wondering if, for the purposes of the talk, you would like to answer the three questions below.

Your answers don’t have to be long, and nothing will be quoted directly and you will remain anonymous. I’m just trying to source some different ideas and perspectives, so it’d be a great help. Thanks! You can email with your answers.

1)Why do you think the government banned squatting in residential properties?
2)What do you think are the greatest impacts of the changes in the squatting law?
3)If you squat or have squatted after the ban, how have things changed for you personally?

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