AINRIAIL – culchie metal duo from dublin ( )

NIHILIST WAVES – Italy – solo experimental noise/industrial/punk

LYNCHED – folk miscreants playing contemporary Irish trad
( )

GAZE – hardcore d-beat noise mush from dublin ( )

PUTREFACTION – dublin death crust
( )

CAPTAIN OF THE RANT – London punk poetry, storytelling, with bits of hip hop and rap

ERIS– folk punk not from brighton!



There will be several nights of concerts and performances in several venues… 😀 and it starts on thursday night!

sunday night we’ll have an open stage, so bring your instruments, hip hop backing tracks, juggling pins, fire breathing, etc.

and keep checking this page for band updates!!

3 thoughts on “Music/Performances”

  1. Hi,

    I would love to present a theatre piece at the Squatters’ Convergence.
    The piece is called “With a View on the Sea.” and is about immigration. It is a short comic piece, only about 10 minutes long (at the moment – it may develop into a longer piece!)
    It is not about squatting (are you only looking for performance act specifically to do with squatting?) but nonetheless I think the people who will be there would enjoy it.

    All the best,

    1. Hey,
      that sounds neat! if you could give us more information that would be great.

      We are indeed trying to keep things as related to squatting and housing rights as possible but nothing is set in stone. I’ll talk about it with other people but we want to keep it really DIY, so if someone wants to do something and there’s space for it, then why not ay?

      You can contact us more directly by emailing


    2. hey miriam,

      this sounds reallyyy great, and really important, and we’d love for you to do it!
      As innertube mentioned, it would be helpful to have a bit more information – please do send us an email!!

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