If you’re interested in helpin out before or during the convergence, we’d really appreciate the help!

We’ll need folks to come help set up a few days before, so just let us know if you’ll be here early.

We’ll also have many volunteer roles to be filled throughout the convergence, including taking part in the safer spaces team, the kitchen crew, the child care crew and welcome desk… so let us know if you’re interested in that!

If you are interested in helping translating stuff, now or during the convergence, please get in touch with us at convergence@squatte.rs.

15 thoughts on “Volunteer”

  1. Hi, I would love to help organising the convergence. I live and work in Dublin but I am Italian and I have myself some experiences in squatting and being in antagonistic movements in Italy in the city where I am from (Turin). 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Yes, that would be great! Can you come to the social center Seomra Spraoi (in Dublin near, you can google it for the location) this wednesday night to meet people organizing it?

  2. hi
    i would love to come and volunteer/help out either in the safer space team or welcome desk – am involved in activism around housing in numerous groups, based in london (originally from s.wales so no good for interpreting 🙂 ) – though havn’t squatted myself am involved with Occupy London and other crews around London – does that make me eligible 🙂 xx

    1. hey fiona,
      that would be fucking amazing! we reallyyy need help in the kitchen. when do you arrive in dublin? you can come meet up with the other folks in the kitchen crew and sort out which meal(s) you would be into chefing. either way we’ll always need people to help chop veg and prep and whatnot. i think we’re having a volunteer meeting on the tuesday evening before the convergence, but if you arrive after that, we can sort it out too!


  3. can anyone tell me what are the laws in Ireland re; squatting, not the whole 12 year thing… I know that, but the immediate ,first response action? I can’t seem to find anything online….

  4. Do you need any Duvets? i have a good bit of spare bedding that is not accepted by charity shops and not ‘nice’ enough to sell, if you can collect it, then it’s yours. call me .

  5. Hi
    I will be arriving in dublin on weds evening and would love to help out during the convergence. I would be happy doing whatever was most needed- I am an experienced cook, also I a mum so can help with kidcare or even the welcomey stuff as Im rather friendly too.. let me know whats needed. Looking forward to it.

    1. hey lelah! that sounds great!!
      we’ll definitely need loads of help cooking. do you have any kids coming along with you? not sure if we’ll need childcare, though we might for a bit on saturday. it would be so amazing to have kids around for the weekend!

      Are you meeting us at seomra spraoi (the social centre – seomraspraoi.org ) on wednesday night when you arrive?

      See you soon!


      1. I get into dublin around seven. What time are you at cafe until? I will would like to meet there if possible… not bringing my daughter along- didnt think about it, next time.

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