Workshops / Skillshares / Discussions

(The timetable for the weekend has been moved to here.)

Please let us know if you want to offer something, facilitate a discussion, give a presentation, etc. We’re especially excited to hear presentations from all forms of squatted projects around the international community! Comment below or contact at us

Confirmed Workshops So Far

  • ‘Squatting in Dublin: past to present’ – a discussion
  • ‘Community Gardens’ – a discussion – by Ortodiffuso (Italy)
  • ‘Parkour’ workshop
  • ‘Dealing with police’ – (Ireland, England, France, Germany, etc…)
  • ‘Changes in Squatting Law in the UK’ – Paul
  • ‘Presentation of “” and its projects/offers for squatting struggles’ –
  • ‘Presentation of “Political” Squatting Experiences in Paris/Suburbs in 2012-2014’ (with examples of transfo, dilengo, attiéké, cantine des pyrénées, baras-gallieni, etc.) – ZZ
  • ‘La ZAD’ – land occupation in France (squatted farmhouses, dream cabins and treehouses), resisting the construction of an airport.
  • ‘Prisoners Support’ Workshop
  • ‘Hambacher Forest Occupation!’ – A talk
  • ‘Neighborhood & Left Radicals Fighting Together Against Gentrification and Spectulation in Berlin’ – by Zielona Gora, neughborhood centre/social centre
  • ‘Les Tanneries’- Histoire d’un espace autogéré
    ‘Quartier Libre des Lentillères’ (luttes autour de l’écologie, de l’urbanisme..)
  • Autour des luttes de migrant-e-s, occupations et quotidiens
  • Movie: “Rent Rebels”, 80 minutes, german with english Subtitles, 2014 (Documentary about resistance of tenants against evictions in Berlin) and discussion
  • Possible discussions on NO TAV, NO EXPO, and the movimento Nun te pago – by Gino
  • CYCLE Walking TOUR – Dublin Squatting & Housing Action: Past & Present
  • ‘Social War’ Presentation – Xander
  • ‘A Critique of Squatted Social Centres’ – Paul
  • ‘Radar [] the on-line from Squat!net. What is
    >>> Radar about? Presentation of the new Radar.’

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